Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Missing the Magic

As I enjoy the spirit of the holidays, I am reminded of the sacred space of my blog and so missing my time here.  There is a small piece of magic that alights around me like pixie dust as I write from an anonymous place; dipping the pen ever so gently with a bit of hesitation yet finding some comfort in the process.  I do hope to get back to posting and reading others & find that source of inspiration that ensured that I would make the time.  And I hope that will help me with my WIP as well...which as a side note - really James Patterson, you had to write about witches and name it "The Gift", like you don't have enough writing material!  Yes, I know my "The Gifted" will be different, I'm not James Patterson nor do I aspire to be; however, I do think my working title will need a serious facelift!:) 
Hope you all have a peaceful holiday filled with magic!