Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Words

Inspiration has been elusive, lost among a mulititude of obligations recently.  In an effort to piece words together - at this point I think I would even welcome See Jack Run -  I opened up a book to a random page and picked five words to string together somehow(sapphire, whisper, mesa, cradle, consort):

The silver whispering of the Shadow Goddess
Flutters on the wind
Evoking images of exotic power; her

Fingers mold mountains
Gentle exhale, a cool breeze
Tears cleanse, nourish soil
Feathered wings blanket the fatigued

Earth, her consort
Yields to her whim
Provides soil to seed
Entangles flowered knots in her hair
Bares glittering gems to adorn and to heal

A Sapphire-desire as
Lush vines entwine her legs
Lifts her to mesas
As she cradles the moon


  1. Wow! If your inspiratin was gone....I'd say you just found it!! Beautiful, Kaelin!

  2. you both rock with your supportive comments - thank you!

  3. Lovely, inspirational, whimsical blog. Hope to see more of your poetry.

  4. Nice exercise & it worked wonders!!! Loved the poem!

  5. Hi Kaelin! It's me again! Just wondered how you're doing! Haven't seen you on my blog for a little while. I hope you're okay and just busy!

  6. thank you & so glad you all came by!