Monday, August 9, 2010

Healing Crystals

One of the reasons I started this blog was to hold myself accountable to a writing project I've had on the shelf for almost a year now.  I have somewhat of an outline and backstory and two chapters written.  Along the way I've had other writing projects and put this one to the side...but Shayla, my main character, keeps whispering to me. 
I thought I would chronicle some of my process within this safe space.  An essential element of this piece revolves around healing crystals.  Honestly, I don't know a lot about them but I know that Shayla needs it.  In actuality, she needs a necklace to help protect her from some of her sensory issues and shield her from those that can feel her energy.  So, I've been reading on-line about crystals but realize that I need to go to the local holistic healing center and feel the texture and aura of crystals for myself.  I also think I need to talk to someone who believes in and uses them.  And then I think I have to design Shayla's necklace...I can see it but haven't been able to find one.  I'll post about these experiences once I have them.  However, if I had any doubt as to my direction, I drew this angel card today:


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  4. I'd love to get into that kind of thing!!

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  8. I recognize your angel card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy deck. I have that deck too! I don't know a lot about crystals either except they do have an energy that helps me feel comforted when I need it. Looking forward to hearing about your necklace :-)

  9. Thanks Cindi for coming by!

    Yes that's the angel deck! I think the necklace will be fun!

  10. I have a started-but-never-finished Gem Stone Chart on my jewelry website. I have been working with crystals for years. I love the way they feel in my hands, and how they vibrate at different frequencies. I love that if I open myself up, I can feel what they do...if that makes sense.

    Here is my work in progress Gem Guide

    I don't have any urgent plans to work on it anytime soon, there are lots of little reasons why, but I hope what I have helps you.

  11. Thanks so much for the link - I'll definitely visit!

  12. We have a relative that totally believes and has these crystals. If you still need more info to draw upon, I could forward your info on to them and you can share information. ;D

    Sounds like a beautiful project... the book, the blog... Hmmm... Anonymous blog... I could probably accomplish a LOT more that way. LOL!

    Thanks for coming by and I look forward to following your journey.

  13. So kind Holly - thank you! (we'll next step is to set a minimum word count & "due date" but as you can see I haven't done that yet!)

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