Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Private Conversations

Sitting in a marketplace cafe' the other day, I saw a lady with worry on her face.  I couldn't help myself & started writing her thoughts as I imagined them.  I feel sure remnants of her will end up in one of my characters. 

                   She thought about her family & her to do list.
       She thought about a world that lived in harmony & focused on a slower pace.
      She thought about her kids, were they happy? Would they be? Will they always be safe?
      She thought about money and how there was never enough even though she doesn't require so much.
      Yet it bleeds, bleeds, bleeds through her palms
      Water draining in a sink.
      And she thinks about the finite time
      On this earth, in this life.
      We are all blips on a screen, some fading slowly, some bright and others hardly ever seen.
      She thinks about pain & where the energy goes
      Bleeding into the universe, starting wars.
      The sludge of unresolved fear, anger & hate
      Coils around the earth like a trail of gasoline
      Waiting for a spark.
      And she wonders why the painful auras are so much stronger than grace,
      Ecstasy lives for a moment & heartbreak doesn't erase.
      And she prays in her head, short bursts of hope in an on-going Facebook with God:
      Status:  God protect them please
      Status:  God, why?
      Status:  God, thank you
      Status:  God are you there with them?
      Status:  God, are you here with me?
      Status:  God, let me feel something else
      Status:  God, I feel you in the soft hands of a child, see you in shining eyes and landscapes, hear you in music and angel's wings.      


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